Embedded systems & expertise,
diagnostic and training solutions

Training and educational equipment

ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE sells a wide range of training and educational equipment under the EXXOTEST® brand for courses in vehicle, electronics and IT technologies. This equipment is designed for manufacturers and schools in France and abroad.

We can provide support for vehicle manufacturers via training equipment for the personnel of their plants or after-sales network. This equipment can be used to teach new technologies, or to train operators in how to use new diagnostic or embedded systems.

Training and educational equipment

Direct access to the EXXOTEST® site.
Training and educational equipment - Diagnostic solutions
ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE can provide a global solution: from the design of embedded systems to support systems, used in the vehicle design, qualification and lifecycle phases.

Direct access to the EXXOTEST® site to discover our range of educational products for training courses…


We can act as the sole project manager for the design of your embedded electronic systems for special vehicles: central, input/output, communication and display computers.
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We sell measuring and instrumentation and control products under the NAVYLEC brand for constructors of yachts, and passenger or operational ships.
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We study and produce embedded solutions in different fields such as energy control or HVAC. We can offer diagnostic solutions based on customer specifications.
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Expertise solutions

We sell analysis and recording tools for embedded communications networks, designed for engineering offices, plants, inspection centres, etc., around the world.
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Diagnostic solutions

We have provided manufacturers of land vehicles, naval and air transport with dedicated and generic diagnostic solutions used throughout the world by the networks of our customers for almost 20 years.
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Training solutions

Our solutions are designed for equipment and other manufacturers as well as schools in France and abroad, targeting training in vehicle, electronics and IT technologies.
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