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Test laboratory for embedded systems

ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE can access large-scale resources for its test laboratory for embedded systems, which are constantly updated for the execution of the studies entrusted to its teams or those carried out for its own purposes. Our products must be qualified or approved for specific purposes (automobile, marine, aeronautical), therefore the resources of our test laboratory for embedded systems are improved year after year to enhance the effectiveness of our operations. This policy allows us to create a database of knowledge which, over time, helps to provide a service which stands out from the crowd to our customers.

All tests and approvals requiring additional resources not available in-house will be entrusted to approved partner laboratories.

Test laboratory for embedded systems – In-house resources

Standard metrology

Measuring and power resources are often connected for advanced digital operations.

Metrology & Radio Frequencies

HP 8594 SPECTRUM ANALYSER for the calibration, inspection or qualification of radio-frequency solutions

Thermal metrology

FLIR E50 infrared thermal camera with integrated screen: Inspection of heat dissipation and transfers. Audits of power transmissions, etc.

Electrostatic discharges

30Kv electrostatic discharge generator satisfying IEC/EN 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605

Power supply

  • Programmable power supply
  • Four quadrant power supply
  • Power supply satisfying ISO 7637 with injected electrical disturbance based on conduction or couplings

  • BINDER FD 240 heating oven for high-temperature endurance tests
  • Environmental simulation chamber for complex changing environmental profiles (BINDER MKF 240) connected to the ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE network. Anhydrous temperature interval: from -40°C to +180°C; with humidity: from 10°C to 95°C. Humidity range: 10% – 98%
  • CLIMATS EXCAL 120CT 5E chamber connected to the ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE network. Thermal shock (from -75°C to +180°C) Transfer less than 10 seconds. Rapid temperature variation: Up to 22°C / min (depending on the maximum temperature interval and the mass of the equipment tested). Working volume: Housing 125 dm3 Chamber 380 dm3

Specific metrology

  • Multifunctional process calibrator with memory
  • Communicating process calibrator

Can be used to measure and transmit signals simultaneously, such as: voltage, current, resistance, frequencies and pulses, thermocouple temperature, resistive probe temperature, pressure, etc.

Our partners:

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