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Naval multiplexing electricity

ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE develops and sells a range of OEM products for manufacturers of specific boats and canoes under the NAVYLEC® brand. We invented the NavyBus®, a revolutionary technology for electrical architectures fitted in cruise or operational ships with a “Multiplexing” BUS communications solution, especially designed for the specific limitations inherent to ships. The NavyBus® is used for all control and command, comfort, automatic control and safety functions. This solution is based on “Open” technology, which is starting to be integrated by other equipment manufacturers: DESSALATOR, VICTRON, etc.
We also develop an aftermarket range for switchboards, voltmeters, ammeters and accessories available from specialist retailers or in Accastillage Diffusion stores.

Experiences :

The NavyBus® was selected for several projects in less than 4 years, including the leading manufacturer of cruise catamarans in the world. Our solutions are deployed on many 35’ – 114’ cruise ships and on passenger transport ships, not to mention successful incorporation in races on the craft of Franck CAMMAS, with 3 records logged.

“The limitations of the nautical world differ substantially from those faced by land vehicles or air transport. Thanks to this experience as a whole, we can boast the expertise we need to effectively manage complex forces. “

More information on maritime applications

Visit NAVYLEC® sites to understand multiplexed architectures and NavyBus® sites to understand communications technology.


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