Embedded systems & expertise,
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Embedded systems & land vehicle solutions (cars, machines, trucks, special vehicles)

We can act as sole project manager for your embedded electronics for land vehicles, and design:
  • Transport or special vehicles
  • Quarry and public works machinery
  • Construction, lifting machinery, etc.
  • High power electrical vehicles
  • Vehicles with no license requirement
  • Small runs of leisure vehicles
  • 2- or 3- wheeled vehicles
  • After-sales parts from leading manufacturers

Our experience in embedded electronics for land vehicles:

Thanks to our experience, recognised by the leading equipment and other manufacturers, we can propose the unit development of computers or design multi-computer architectures, and:

  • define requirements with recognised expertise in the field of multiplexing
  • design hardware and software for products according to your specifications and requirements based on:
    • display computers for all types of applications, including extreme usages
    • centralisation and processing computers
    • input and output computers
    • communications computers
    • mixed computers
  • study the distribution of functions between computers; select the appropriate protocol depending on the environment and specific limitations
  • design and confirm message services
  • conduct FMECA, fault-tree analysis, operating safety and reliability studies…
  • manage internal qualifications or external qualifications with the appropriate laboratories
  • design test benches, methodologies and traceability software, etc.
  • produce and deliver your equipment and manage the assembly of options based on your orders and your own production operations if necessary

Our methodology for embedded electronics for land vehicles:

“Our engineers can access a 100% digital 3D development system. Our integrated information systems ensure total tracking of our design process and all components used. ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE is recognised for its remarkable structure, ahead of its time.
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Embedded electronics for land vehicles (cars, trucks): Examples of achievements:

  • Trajectory control computer for electrical vehicles
  • Peugeot Scooter steering lock and handbrake computer
  • Interface liaison capteur accélérateur contrôle moteur APV Peugeot Citroën
  • Peugeot Citroën after-sales engine control accelerator sensor liaison interface
  • Armoured vehicle display computer / Dashboard displays
  • GSM and CAN communications gateway and vehicle service computers
  • Peugeot Scooter
  • Aixam Meiga
  • Haulotte
  • Thermo King
  • PCM Peugeot Citroën Moteur
  • Sherco
  • SUNREEF Yacht
  • Eurocopter : Climatisation
  • Hélicoptères : Régulateur de charge et compression cylindre
  • Bosch – Robinair – SPX : Climatisation
  • Facom : contrôle de bougies, écrêteur de tension,…
  • Autres : PSA, Peugeot Scooter, Class
  • Expertise réseaux et data logger pour Etudes, lignes de production, validation
  • Equipements pour banc de test équipementiers
  • Expertise réseaux équipementiers
  • Boîtes à bornes, à pannes, à mesures
  • Banc moteurs
  • Banc spécifiques : climatisation, architectures, etc.

Upgradable and communicating computers and purpose:

We are used to integrating embedded electronic computers from the initial design phases, covering everything you require for updating, testing, diagnostics and qualifying the solutions developed.

Embedded systems & land vehicle solutions

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