Embedded systems & expertise,
diagnostic and training solutions

Embedded software

Thanks to the projects developed by the IT engineering office of ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE over the last 20 years, over 100,000 embedded IT systems, ranging from very simple to highly complex operations, are currently up and running around the world.
The software architecture for the embedded systems designed by our engineers consists of layers of communication for the downloading of software, boot, configured per CAN bus, Serial link, USB, Wi-Fi, GSM or radio frequency, as standard

Software architecture of embedded systems: Our know-how

  • Development of dedicated C, C++, Qt, Java, Android, Objective-C/iOS and other applications for a wide range of targets, such as: 8,16 & 32 bits, ARM, Freescale, Infineon, RENESSAS, Fujitsu, power PC, etc.
  • Embedded multi-field kernel for functional modelling purposes calculated using MATLAB and simulated using Simulink.
  • The development of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for 2D or 3D and single or multi-display. Proprietary 2D/3D graphic design editor or OpenVG or OpenGL. Unicode language with standardised languages and translation methods.
  • Processing of audio and video signals
  • Programming for specific components: FPGA

  • Management of peripherals & memory, Compact-Flash, SdCard, USB, WIFI, etc.
  • Development of communications protocols: diagnostic, telecoding, calibration, downloading
  • Integration of complex calculations
  • Total understanding and approval of automobile standards: DiagOn CAN, KWP2000, UDS, J1939, CAN CCP, UDS; and marine standards: NMEA2000, NavyBus, CAN Open, Ethernet
  • PID control, etc.
  • Development of Embedded Linux applications
  • Development of drivers, etc.