Embedded systems & expertise,
diagnostic and training solutions

Development of non-embedded industrial software

ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE develops non-embedded industrial software which is used around the world. Our expertise covers the development of multi-platform applications for the management, configuration, supervision and processing of data from communicating electronic systems. Depending on your requirements, our applications can be managed locally or remotely, as a client or server, as a standalone workstation or as part of a network.

We host many customer databases in our secure server room: diagnostic, eco-driving, tracking, maintenance, software updates, etc.

Development of non-embedded industrial software: know-how

  • Development of software for PCs (Linux/Windows)
  • Lower layers and drivers. Windows and Linux drivers
  • Downloading and communications protocols
  • Software for the acquisition, recording (black box) and processing of multiplexed networks.
  • Screen editing software for dashboards ranging from 2’ to over 20’. More details

  • PC or pocket PC diagnostic software or dedicated systems: all protocols, all services
  • IT solutions: IS, hosted databases, WEB application. Local or networked database, etc.
  • Design of multi-language and Unicode software.
  • Automatic, free or controlled updates via the Internet